Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shoe Tree Madness

Its great to see things taken to an extreme, as in the 'Insane Graf' posting from a while back. In this case an extreme version of that urban phenomena around the world of tying a pair of shoes together and tossing them up to hang usually from phone wires on the street.
This example I noticed on my bike ride through the Edinburgh Gardens (N Fitzroy) on my way to the Fitzroy pool for a swim, an extreme version of the aforementioned strange practice. This shoe tree is right above a skate park, so I guess the kids using the skate bowl have something to do with it. I read something about it being a 'code' for a place that sells drugs... if that is the case one would be able to score big-time from this skate park location.
One way to get rid of unwanted shoes I suppose...

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