Thursday, August 28, 2008

Urban foraging

Meanwhile, Kensington again (west of Melbourne) riding my bike to the studio... one of the joys of riding a bike (or walking) as opposed to driving a car is you get to see alot more interesting things that would normally go unnoticed. Having just ridden along the path you can see underneath the huge Citylink tollway I noticed one of the residents (?) of the nearby housing commision flats which are home to many newly arrived immigrants to melbourne. I love this area for its diversity of cultures and people, and seeing this sight of a woman gathering some kind of edible (I guess) plant growing in the soggy rivulet side in the shadow of this huge freeway while her son, or grandson, looks on was a surreal moment of poetry in the rush and bustle of the surrounding roads, tram tracks and train bridges close by. People make do as they can, and its great to see urban foraging in the most unlikely of places.

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