Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Smaller Central Park

This is a photo composite work I did in NYC in 2005. I was interested in the way this city was totally planned in a very linear format, and the implications that has for areas of leisure, transport and the built environment. I had a vauge notion that I would be able to make this work, though I had never been to each of the 4 corners of Central Park (I had entered C.P from the S/W corner once before in 1998), so I made it a mission to circumnavigate the park on a lovely autumn (fall) day in August, which is quite a walk in itself. I stopped at each of the four corners (as well as stopping for a slice o pizza a few times) and climbed up onto the stone fencing that borders the park and held my camera as high as I could to take these four shots, one of each corner of Central Park. They are then stitched together to make what you now see, A Smaller Central Park.

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